Not All Mortgages Are Created Equal –
Know Your Mortgage

If you are looking to purchase a new property, refinance or switch your existing mortgage you have come to the right place! We have the expertise, strategy and choice you need for every specific and sometimes unique financial situation.  Kirk Eaton Mortgage offers financing solutions for residential & commercial transactions with a specialization in working with first time home buyers and self-employed individuals.

Kirk Eaton Mortgage have access to a wide variety of lenders, including major banks, with the most innovative mortgage products and competitive interest rates on the market. Our business and dedication is built on offering strategic, personalized & expert advice through the development of long-term relationships with our clients. We thrive on delivering top-notch service, keeping our promises and exceeding your expectations.

Take the stress and confusion out of shopping for a mortgage and contact us today. We will not disappoint.

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Mortgage Services

  • First Time Home Buyers

    Kirk Eaton Mortgage specializes in working with First Time Home Buyers.  We understand being a First Time Home Buyer and shopping for a mortgage can be stressful, overwhelming and confusing so our mission is to make your experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

  • Pre-Approval

    A mortgage pre-approval is essential in the process of purchasing a home.  Not only will it tell you how much of a mortgage you pre-qualify for based on your income but your mortgage rate is locked in for a specific period of time to protect you from interest rate increases.  Your Realtor will also appreciate knowing you are pre-approved and can use it in the negotiating process in a purchase transaction.

  • Purchase

    Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, and having a team of professionals to guide you through this process is essential.

  • Refinance

    Kirk Eaton Mortgage does a full analysis on your current mortgage to see if refinancing your mortgage makes sense.  Consolidating debts, improving cash flow, changing your mortgage terms and equity take out are just some of the typical reasons for a mortgage refinance.

  • Renewal, Transfer & Switch

    If your mortgage is coming up for renewal contact Kirk Eaton Mortgage to see if you truly are getting the best deal.  Don’t just settle for what your current lender is offering as it is always important to get a second opinion.

  • Self-Employed

    Self-employed individuals often face many challenges when trying to obtain mortgage financing including proof of qualifying income.  Kirk Eaton Mortgage understands these challenges and specializes in working with those self-employed to get you the best mortgage product and interest rate on the market.

  • New to Canada

    If you are New to Canada and lack credit and/or employment history, attaining a mortgage can be difficult.  Kirk Eaton Mortgage has access to lenders who will overlook the credit & employment history and base an approval on adequate down payment and/or net worth.  You have options!

  • Secondary Homes & Cottage Properties

    Many Canadians own a secondary property whether it be a condo in the city or a cottage property to enjoy and relax on weekends.  Let Kirk Eaton Mortgage get you the proper financing for these properties with ease for whatever your lifestyle desires.

  • Investment Properties

    If you are thinking of purchasing an investment property different qualifications apply.  Have Kirk Eaton Mortgage guide you through the process so you can start to build your Net Worth today.  We offer financing solutions on one or multi-unit residential investment properties, mixed-use and commercial properties.

  • Bruised Credit

    If you are having trouble getting approved through your bank due to bruised credit, we can help with our access to many alternative lenders.  Not only can we get you approved, but we will give you strategic advice on how to re-build your credit and get you back with a A lender in a short period of time.

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